Extensive, tailored expertise and commitment

Turn your idea and wishes into a functional material, or come with an open mind to discuss your future vision about the material you need!

Depending on your needs and wishes, we offer a wide assortment of services related to polymer compounding and laboratory services. We create functional materials from a specific brief or only a rough idea, a comparison of several formulations, trial tests for the formulation, or we enable for you the full-scale production capabilities.

Co-creation services

Together from an idea to a tested concept

Do you have an idea linked to polymer modification but need a co-creation partner from the idea to a tested concept?  Please get in touch with us.  At Premix, you will get an enthusiastic and trusted companion on the journey, giving you access to our wide polymer modification know-how and laboratory and production capabilities.

Consultation and product development related to polymer compounding

We will turn your vision into a material that performs!

Industry 4.0 Modern Factory Meeting Room: Chief Engineer Holds Mechanism, Shows it to Female Designer, They Talk. Scientists in Contemporary Lab Build Electronic Machinery for With Futuristic Design

If you have an idea for a perfect product but still lack the formulation, our experience and expertise in developing a functional solution are available for you. Our polymer modification expertise, curious mindset, and agility in developing and testing alternative raw materials will give you new insights and formulations.

Our special areas of expertise are processing demanding materials, fillers such as carbon black, and thermoplastics in general. We are committed to creating success stories together with our customers. You are warmly welcome to take advantage of our expertise and networks!

Trial and scale-up production services

Let us make your trial test runs and give you a processing-ready product that will perform!

Do you have a draft of a new polymer product but no possibility to carry out trial test runs in practice? Do you want to finalize formulations into a finished, processing-ready product before going to full-scale production?

We have turned thousands of formulations into functional products and are happy to help you. By utilizing our long experience and extensive expertise, your formulation will have a trial-tested form and will be ready for processing. Turn your idea into a functional product.

At our facilities, our experts can:
— Do pilot compounding and scale-up production of polymer compounds
— Search and test alternative raw materials
— Run tests, including quality services
— Make processing and technical guidelines for your production partner

Lab services

Valuable insights and data for your research challenges

Lab analytics_lab services

Laboratory services verify the high quality of polymer compound properties through trial test runs and production runs. In addition, with the help of our expertise, we can offer services for your research challenges like characterizing and testing materials, troubleshooting, and benchmarking competitors according to your needs.

Our laboratory offers a wide range of equipment with standardized testing methods at your service. Let us turn the mystery of your product into understandable information to guide you in your conclusions and decisions!

Toll-compounding services

Smooth tolling service with high and consistent quality

Do you need production capacity for your plastic compounds manufacturing, or would you like to outsource your production? If you are looking for a turn-key solution, bring your own raw materials and formulations, and let us take care of the manufacturing.

We can offer our production capacity as a toll compounding service in addition to our core business (of polymer modification). We offer a wide range of machinery available to fit production volumes and the various needs of products, even with a possibility for clean product compounds via various post-handling processes.

You don’t need to worry about production-related supporting processes. We are proud to be able to guarantee you and your customers a smooth tolling service with high and consistent quality.

Would you like to discuss polymer compounding and laboratory services with us?