Electrically conductive PRE-ELEC® plastics for sustainable and economical solutions

Are you in the business of making working environments safe for everyone? Here are some examples of where our thermoplastic elastomers can be used to eliminate static charging and reduce the following risks:

Hazardous atmospheres (ATEX) — sparks may trigger explosions
Hospitals — sparks may harm patients and damage expensive equipment
Clean rooms — sparks damage electronic components and may cause faulty devices

Unrecognizable male hands with work gloves on, clapping to remove sawdust

Sawdust or flour in the air can create an explosive environment that can be ignited by an unintentional static discharge.

Conductive thermoplastic elastomers — a sustainable alternative to rubber and metal


Conductive thermoplastic elastomers

  • Protect against static charging
  • Enable sensoring
  • Protect against electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Can be used to modify electric fields

Thermoplastic elastomers are a sustainable, recyclable, and economical option for metal and rubber composites. Also, they can be processed with typical plastics processing machinery.


Conductive elastomers for extrusion applications

Our PRE-ELEC® compounds can be used in flex tubes, hoses, and profiles with unique special features.